Friday, October 30, 2009

hi yall! i actually have been drawing alot lately, but it's all for secrety-work stuff, so i am sorry to say i may not be posting for quite some time. but here is this amusing drawing of a stegasaurus!

maybe for this month i will tell you about my week instead of posting drawings! like today, i am going to someone's birthday and tommorrow a Halloween party which will be fun. On tuesday, my dying cell phone was finally put to rest by the Washing machine, which marks the end of 7th phone now. the previous phones have been stollen, mysteriously lost, broken prior to my having them, or dropped in puddles or exploding soda cans. this new one will hopefully not have to suffer such fates, but looking at previous events...

this week i watched 2001 Space Odyssey and Mind Game, and i very much like and hardly understand both. i would like to read the 2001 books...

i am also trying to not play Left 4 Dead for the whole week. i've gotten pretty far, but the coworkers make it pretty tough.

lastly, last weekend i had a "big" road trip to the Mojave preserve as well as the Arizona State line (we didn't have enough time to get into AZ unfortunately). it was extremely stress relieving, and maybe i will post the photos once i get them scanned, that way you can see some sand dunes, some crazy kids on a bunch of rocks, Terrence and Marti.
the one weird thing about the desert is it is full of tires, glass, and panties. i am not sure what makes it a good place to dump your undergarments...

now i hope everybody has a good halloween and weekend and a next week! i will try to manufacture some non-work-drawings if i can...


  1. funny stegosaurus :)

    hope you have fun! Looking forward to your posts!

  2. Arthur C Clark wrote the 2001 series, right? Hmm... It's probably safe to say that it's an aristocratic version of Zardoz; just as it's probably safer to say that Zardoz is a stoned version of 2001.