Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween!

possibly going to Santa Monica or to a Candy-Movie party....ooor even to see The Room.

halloween costumes i've seen so far are Tommy from the room, a guy from Twin Peaks, Meg from Hercules, and the guy from Die Hard, and a priest i don't recognize

Friday, October 30, 2009

hi yall! i actually have been drawing alot lately, but it's all for secrety-work stuff, so i am sorry to say i may not be posting for quite some time. but here is this amusing drawing of a stegasaurus!

maybe for this month i will tell you about my week instead of posting drawings! like today, i am going to someone's birthday and tommorrow a Halloween party which will be fun. On tuesday, my dying cell phone was finally put to rest by the Washing machine, which marks the end of 7th phone now. the previous phones have been stollen, mysteriously lost, broken prior to my having them, or dropped in puddles or exploding soda cans. this new one will hopefully not have to suffer such fates, but looking at previous events...

this week i watched 2001 Space Odyssey and Mind Game, and i very much like and hardly understand both. i would like to read the 2001 books...

i am also trying to not play Left 4 Dead for the whole week. i've gotten pretty far, but the coworkers make it pretty tough.

lastly, last weekend i had a "big" road trip to the Mojave preserve as well as the Arizona State line (we didn't have enough time to get into AZ unfortunately). it was extremely stress relieving, and maybe i will post the photos once i get them scanned, that way you can see some sand dunes, some crazy kids on a bunch of rocks, Terrence and Marti.
the one weird thing about the desert is it is full of tires, glass, and panties. i am not sure what makes it a good place to dump your undergarments...

now i hope everybody has a good halloween and weekend and a next week! i will try to manufacture some non-work-drawings if i can...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

something, i dunno...

going to see Where the Wild Things Are soon, maybe i will get some inspiration?
also, in the act of redesigning/organizing my blog, this was briefly entertaining.
i apologize for how unprofessional my blog layout is right now, but i am sleepy and must return to fix it later

oh yeah! tonight i went to see the Girls Drawing Girls show at Hayena(or some other spelling?) and hung out with Calarts chums and got some coffee at a mexican restaurant whilst purchasing 2 small canvas paintings of delicious meats. i am going to hang them on my wall! i also bought a magnetic Jesus Dressup, so that i may have more magnets for my fridgidaire! and tommorrow(or today i guess) i hope to see Where the Wild Things Are to top off a fine weekend.

in other past events (which i always forget to report) i saw Zombieland which was awesome and i bought the Metroid Prime Trilogy...which i really shouldn't have because i 1: technically have the trilogy and 2: find it highly distracting from spare-time-drawing/working.

i also need to catch up on some drawing and painting i actually need to get out of the way, but there are no places to buy nice paints here in Burbank-that is unless i am missing a brilliant art store near by??? maybe?
i've definitely hit some kind of art block, so this is all i got: a couple of Monster Blog sketches can't quite seem to finish...or start

and then this was a left-hand-lunch sketch. bonus Calarts points if you can name the guy there.
the clowny-guy is actually a coworkers drawing, so i can't take any credit for that guy.

i feel obligated to post something that's not Fanart i guess. and i think i'm gonna change my layout again soon.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

i'm still going to keep the pokemon blog separate though.

so i folded my fanart blog, because i just have too many blogs going (and i also decided to take the layout and apply it to this one) so here is some fanart spam from the past half a year

more in the second post...

Friday, October 9, 2009

monster blog!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

something random and Monthies (there's Marti again...)
i'm gonna do my monthies this month!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

soooo here is a game joke tied with an inside joke/project that'll be out and about soonish.

Marti is a marshmallow dispenser who just wants to give people marshmallows, but nobody wants them...
and then i was trying to do something serious and productive, but i've been a little artblocked lately, so...yeah, Marti appeared again...

i'll put something else there later i guess