Sunday, October 18, 2009

also, in the act of redesigning/organizing my blog, this was briefly entertaining.
i apologize for how unprofessional my blog layout is right now, but i am sleepy and must return to fix it later

oh yeah! tonight i went to see the Girls Drawing Girls show at Hayena(or some other spelling?) and hung out with Calarts chums and got some coffee at a mexican restaurant whilst purchasing 2 small canvas paintings of delicious meats. i am going to hang them on my wall! i also bought a magnetic Jesus Dressup, so that i may have more magnets for my fridgidaire! and tommorrow(or today i guess) i hope to see Where the Wild Things Are to top off a fine weekend.

in other past events (which i always forget to report) i saw Zombieland which was awesome and i bought the Metroid Prime Trilogy...which i really shouldn't have because i 1: technically have the trilogy and 2: find it highly distracting from spare-time-drawing/working.

i also need to catch up on some drawing and painting i actually need to get out of the way, but there are no places to buy nice paints here in Burbank-that is unless i am missing a brilliant art store near by??? maybe?

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