Sunday, March 18, 2012

Famous Dog

doing some photo-practice, but starting really easy.

bulldogs. i love bulldogs so much. all of them, even the one's that don't ride skate boards.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


refurbishing and cleaning house!! it's been a long time, and i'm pretty sure a good portion of the links are out of date.

i'm probably gonna try a few things before i settle on something. we'll see!
And happy St. Patrick's weekend!!


just something quick. been doing some action animation for work (which is GREAT) and alsooo watching too much anime.
so, one with color and one with just the clipping mask, because i like something about it.

but in the end, it doesn't really matter because the part i'm happy with is the shadow. just the shadow.

Monday, March 12, 2012


didn't post last week, but didn't finish this drawing either. my work comp. has been really sluggish, with or without all of my itunes and youtube playlists and search panels and server files open. i tried deleting and backing up all of my biggest files, but it's still slow.

slow enough that drawing in photoshop is a chore, so this is it! missing teeth, missing shadows, and going home to sleep! and eat cookies!

as far as life, i went on a devastating hike this weekend. it was incredible, but since yesterday it has been really hard to sit down or stand up, or even walk about without feeling like one of my knees is going to give and i'm gonna fall on the floor, and there will be nothing around to pull myself up!!

worth it, though. clinging to cliffs, seeing some extra waterfalls, baby rattlesnake, looking down at tiny and bewildered hikers, and watching Insidious afterwards with ghost stories and a bunch of junk food.

Insidious starts really well, then gets a little lost and confused and winds up being pretty funny. and scary. but only once in a while.