Friday, March 27, 2009


weeeeell, before i get to actual life, here are some things:

rediculous pixel art done for friends:
that's Lisa riding a giant bat and Noel with her Rocket dog. i want to animate it, but i am not yet adept with using

weeeeell weell, another dragon! if i had photoshop i could make it look prettier...

and then uh......i'm going to quit on the film i'm doing right now to do something else that will only take a couple of days. hopefully it will work out.

see, even with the work i've done so far on the current one, i know that what i have left is going to leave me scraping time to put together a portfolio, finish another project i told Noel i'd definitely do, and pass at least 3 critical classes. so, i guess i'd rather put these next 2/3 weeks to better use than a film i already know i'm not going to be happy with.

so i'm going to try and do a 48/72 hour film at least just to have something done for the year.
hopefully that will work...

good luck everybody else!


  1. that dragon is beautiful and you already know how i feel about the other drawing, but hey marina dont feel like you HAVE to do the project i got you all tangled up in. if its making your semester too stressful we can work something else out!
    good luck!

  2. I love your drawing of Noel and Lisa!

    Good luck on your film Marina.