Sunday, March 29, 2009

RT sketchcrapjunk

this is some work for a Videogame i do things for. i think i've been drifting away from the original style abit, so here is me trying to go back to the way it was.

especially with people:
and another...
and some atmosphere...
and...some slightly-better atmosphere.
i got so fed up with the limits of paintnet (despite still adoring it) and downloaded Gimp, which despite having very awkward controls and a terrible name is a fantastic program.

...but i still miss photoshop...

i am hungry.


  1. hey Marina, brief introduction cos blogspot seems more personal than deviantart for some reason, and i only have friends and people i know added so yea name's Chris and nice to meet you on the internet....<_<;;;

    really liking your work as of late. i think it's cos i'm seeing more of it more regularly and evertime i'm impressed and wondering why i didnt look deeper in your gallery on DA.
    and the pink hair girl painting is really nice.

    aiight hope this doesn't weird you out too much ^^;;


  2. I think Marina has a fan.

    And cool color work, btw. Really solid and pastel at the same time.