Thursday, May 5, 2011

people and flash

trying to improve on drawing people and in flash
so that dialogue test i was wanting to do will have to hold off, something big just came up.

but here's a late night drawing, i kind of needed a cool down after today. he's supposed to be leaning on something, but i didn't know what to put there and then i forgot.

also, i think that's the best drawing of a gun i've ever done. ever, man. and i got it wrong even, now that i'm looking at the reference some's missing a bit just around the index finger....

but anyways, it's bed time. good night

but wait, also-OPEN SHOW!! it was so awesome! my year is graduating and that's weird! and i'm too tired to elaborate i guess, ever sentence i try typing ends up in a confused sort of blur....

in any case, there was some amazing stuff. i got to see people i hadn't seen in ages, i hadn't seen the school in like a year and a half, and there're some real talented underclassmen and grads. i want to make a film tooooooo, but i can't right now. maybe later in the summer.


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