Monday, January 11, 2010

first off are a couple Rising Tide related things, the bug one i guess i never posted here, and the other is from a couple weeks ago-but i forgot to post it too.

i hope everybody had a good holiday, i sure did! 3 whole days of snow made me feel alot better...i think part of my drawing slump was not getting away from Burbank.
so today and the past few days i have been thinking more and more about the Fu dog and fish-monkey-blue guy, and even though work is looking a little overbearing this coming year, i want to try to finish a short film with them. at the least a little test. i have alot of other things i need to clear away first, but i still want to do it. so, here's hoping!


  1. These are really great! I would love to see a film with the blue monkey. do it do it do it do it

  2. you should call him Karate Kid..

    - oh nooo thats taken..