Sunday, May 31, 2009

Prehistoric updates

yes, bundles of things!
this first thing was for a contest, were basically you redraw the artist's drawing in "your style" (the artist being Kei Acedera of the Imaginism duo)
the princess is stupid, i gave up on it pretty early on.
this is the original:
goddamn, there's no beating the original...stupid Kei and her gouaching...

and this guy i more stopped than finished painting. i like his feet, even thought they don't really match up to each other or the rest of the body.
that was Gorgonopsid, the next is Diplocaulus
i also found some class notes in a folder:

and Monthies are picking up a new topic starting tommorrow, that will be delightful!

i also saw UP and Startrek in the same week, which was almost too much to handle. there will be fanart soon no doubt.

...but after the road trip.

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