Monday, April 6, 2009


this may work???? lets find out!
lets try again:

awesome!!....actually no that sucks! curse you blogger, you cut half the frames out!!! grrrrrrr!!
awell, i learned my lesson: only load to youtube, vimeo, and deviantart.
blogger....deviantart can get it right, why couldn't you???

this guys is the bain of my existence, but i finally see that one frame i've been trying to fix....but i think i like most everything else thus far, we'll see what happens under the test of cleanup...
first run cycle in flash, i think i finally really like flash.

but since loading that video took a while and i have to go soon, here are things from DA:

planning on entering the 11 second club contest this month, and i hope to be done with that one in a couple days

he needs alot of work...stupid Flapjack why are you hard to draw???

i still have 2 dialogues to finish/polish, i still have another one i want to do and some other tests before portfolio day stuff. i hope it wooooorrrkss.......and i hope i get something on portfolio daaaayyyy.......i woke up late today and that sucks, i need to make sure i finish at least one thing before the end of the night.

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