Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You came back!

i am almost this excited to have Photoshop back, really.

now i'm probably....going to draw something i owe somebody or.....play Oddworld...

or draw Spocks making out with Kirks for Lisa, because she's totally into that! hahaha!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

RT sketchcrapjunk

this is some work for a Videogame i do things for. i think i've been drifting away from the original style abit, so here is me trying to go back to the way it was.

especially with people:
and another...
and some atmosphere...
and...some slightly-better atmosphere.
i got so fed up with the limits of paintnet (despite still adoring it) and downloaded Gimp, which despite having very awkward controls and a terrible name is a fantastic program.

...but i still miss photoshop...

i am hungry.

Friday, March 27, 2009


weeeeell, before i get to actual life, here are some things:

rediculous pixel art done for friends:
that's Lisa riding a giant bat and Noel with her Rocket dog. i want to animate it, but i am not yet adept with using Paint.net

weeeeell weell, another dragon! if i had photoshop i could make it look prettier...

and then uh......i'm going to quit on the film i'm doing right now to do something else that will only take a couple of days. hopefully it will work out.

see, even with the work i've done so far on the current one, i know that what i have left is going to leave me scraping time to put together a portfolio, finish another project i told Noel i'd definitely do, and pass at least 3 critical classes. so, i guess i'd rather put these next 2/3 weeks to better use than a film i already know i'm not going to be happy with.

so i'm going to try and do a 48/72 hour film at least just to have something done for the year.
hopefully that will work...

good luck everybody else!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

wasting some time

it took a magical 5 minutes!

i'm bored and i don't have my tablet. or photoshop. i'm done writing papers, no more a' that.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ink times

collectively, the whole class wasn't paying attention. and i found a brushpen i thought i'd lost after i got it at christmas. it is a fine, fine pen and i plan to continue using it.

...and not paying any attention to class, of course.

Monday, March 16, 2009

i never do anything in sound class:
here is one of those dinosaurs with the rediculously huge arms.
hey, some more Hercules and stag beetles with their ladies:

and then just the color layer, because i don't know...it looked really nice and i think i like it better without the pencil layer:
aaand now i guess i'm gong to go hunt down some people before i go back to animating.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

what watchers?

took a break while my computer was acting up....actually, i don't need my computer for anything, i just focus better with music or a movie in the background.

speaking of Weight Watchers: 
that's the best puppet i've seen since i found Mysterious Mose...which you should go look up too.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Winners and Losers

this is the last post for a while, i finally got into my animation-jive and i want to take advantage of that whilst i can.

so here are 2 guys: one's a winner, one's a loser

have fun everybody

Thursday, March 12, 2009

yeah, more stuff. and some dinosaurs. i've been spending too much time in the lab, so i started doing things i hope turn out to be productive. i can use this stuff at least.

this first guy is from the film i wanted to do this year, but because of class overload last semester, i ran out of necessary time. so after an extra month's (at least) deciding if i should still go with it or another film, i decided to go with the other film. i'll hopefully have a head start for it next year.

small dinosaurs, and i must have some setting on in Photoshop, because evertim ei go Create New, the resulting image saves slightly squashed...like how these guys are...

**to anyone who passes by who is fossil-savy, what is the 2nd one down? i found an illustration of the craziest dinosaur i've ever seen; it had an angler/frogfish looking face, and the wierdest sloping body shape i've ever seen, and it was huge. i am very interested in what it's name might be**
uh oh, fanart...

i was watching alot of movies this weekend, but the only ones i got good drawings from were Monsters Inc and Silent Hill. Shoot Em' Up was a complete disaster, i'm so bad at drawing normal people...

Omnibot is the best
another dinosaur....
aaand...that's it now....i'm going to go try  to do more actual film-related work, i haven't done that in a while.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

beetles! a couple anyways....

i need to go animate though, so there will be more beetles and some Pixar/Silent Hill stuff later
i totally cheat and used photoshop aaaall the time

film progress

well now! here is some phenominal progress on my film for this year!
Ha-ha, internet jokes!

no really, i'm working on it: here are some style/color plans for the backgrounds. i'm thinking of doing all backgrounds and colors in photoshop because water color might not promote as much depth in the backround....not to mention how hard it is to get the scanned version to look like the original. then again, acrylic is always an option...
everything else so far is on animation paper.

mmm....i have more stuff, like movie drawings and some beetles, but i need to go back to homework. i will load them later or tomorrow, though.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Thai Guy

oh god, you don't even want to know how much time i spent on this....uuuuugh....

the biggest problem is that my computer is still busted, and i keep looking for alternatives to animating that don't involve my computer...on top of that, i have a hard time focussing when i'm in my cube without music. i can hear conversations going on and i want to go join them, or the silence is just unbearable. this was the biggest distraction i could come up with, all the piddly details and things...

but it was inspired by both The Portable Frank, which is a really awesome comic, and by this website i found that's full of Thai mythological monsters. i can't remember the website, but if i find it again i'll link it. the monsters have incredible faces and detail.

i kind of want to make a little group of more cartoony-versions of this thing, just to see if i can stylize it more. but not now.

Monday, March 2, 2009

First image post


here's a thing i drew last wednesday. experimenting with a different color style....i like it i guess, i kind of wish i'd used a texture/texture brush though, but it's too late now...

it was supposed to be the one guy from Eternal Sunshine, but i gave up on that after awhile and just made it a guy in a puffy jacket...

i need to draw people more often...any
anyways, here's another thing. a cd cover for a friend. boom-boxes are always cool


i've got a new blog, and i swears, i'll keep up on it this time 'round!!

...but right now i've got some malware issues that won't allow me to upload anything....so no, there are no pictures for you. except the ones on the pokemon counterpart, but no one wants to see that......

tomorrow i will, maybe.